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Back to reality

Posted in Uncategorized on October 22, 2009 by russellsreviews

I’m back from my mecca, Japan and forced to get back to the daily grind of reality. We took well over 1,000 pics and in the process to narrowing them down for the impatient. Once thats down, be sure to look at for some of my favorites in future posts.

Anyway back to movies! This would be a good time then to post some upcoming movies that you should get exicted about.


and then a trailer for a movie that is a must see that is out right now. Expect full a review soon.


Living the dream.

Posted in Uncategorized on October 10, 2009 by russellsreviews

For about the next two weeks I won’t have any updates or reviews because I am finally getting to accomplish a life long dream. I’m going to the land of the rising sun, Japan!

japan map

We are taking a week’s trip and not only will I get to see the craziness and creativeness of the city of Tokyo, but we get to take a three day tour to see places all around the main island Honshu. I get to see the old capital of Kyoto and even the majestic Mt. Fuji!

mt. fuji

I never thought I would actually ever get to go, but life has been good to me, and God even better so I can finally make this happen. To top it off I get to go for my honeymoon with my lovely wife. When I get back, I will back in full force for reviews, but don’t be shocked to see posts of the many beautiful places and nice people I see on the way.


We will be in Otaku Heaven!