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Raging Phoenix Trailer

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With Chocolate being a success, fans across the world can’t wait for JeeJa Yanins next movie. The release is still a little ways away, but we now have a english trailer to watch showcasing the cool fighting styles being used in the movie! Enjoy!


Chocolate Review

Posted in 4.5 Stars, Action, Foreign, martial arts, Review on July 27, 2009 by russellsreviews

Prachya Pinkaew, the action director and the man who discovered Tony Jaa, has discovered a new talent only this time its a girl. When JeeJa Yanin was discovered by Pinkaew he thought she was talented enough to headline her very own serious movie. With the exception of Michelle Yeoh, its really been rare recently to have a leading star in an action movie a female. Does JeeJa Yanin have “it” or is the famous Thai director just over hyping and she will fade away like many before her?

It would a shame if JeeJa Yanin fades away. Chocolate rocks.

First lets talk about the story. Most great action movies have a passable story, or at least one that gets you to one fast action scene to the next. Chocolate goes beyond this and gives you a great back story to the characters. You are not simply in awe of the fights, but you root for her and her family and it makes it more rewarding when she wins.

JeeJa Yanin totally delivers. Fans of Ong-Bak will feel right at home with the action. She flies,leaps, and pulls of crazy kicks that you will want to see again and again. The action is just as fast and unbelievable as any man can pull off. Chocolate is just as good as advertised and JeeJa Yanin has a huge future. Fans of martial arts, this is a can’t miss. With Tony Jaa and now JeeJa Tanin, and the popularity of Muy Thai growing, Thailand looks like it can take the crown from Hong Kong in kung fu and have a chance to keep it for a long time.