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Captain America: The First Avenger Review

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Captain America: the First Avenger isn’t the patriotic hero first adaptation to live action. He has been in several TV series and even already has his time on the big screen. Unfortunately, all of which have been embarrassing failures for the character. Following all of the successful marvel movies of late marvel feels like its a ripe time to try again. Captain America is a integral part of the upcoming ground breaking Avengers movie and must get it right this time. Does Captain America make you feel proud to be an American or leaves you walking out shaking your head?

Steve Rogers is a very patriotic young man who just simply wants to do his part in helping America fight the axis powers during world war two. Only problem is he is a small meek boy with asthma that no military division would accept him.  Dr. Abraham Erskine manages to see past that weak body and sees the greatness within and gives him a chance to be a part of the experimental super solider program. Rogers’ body is reborn and gets power any other man would dream of. He slowly becomes a ray of hope for America and inspires the country to do the necessary sacrifices that it takes to beat the greatest evil the world has ever known.

What’s odd in this film for comic book fans is that Chris Evans the actor who play Steve Rogers has played a famous marvel character before, the Human Torch in the Fantastic Four. Not only that but he mostly plays cocky wish cracking characters and fans have been really nervous how he would played such a strong reserved character. The film quickly puts that to bed and he actually carries most of the film. Chris Evans is a lot better actor than people give him credit for and it shows in Captain America. Along side of him are perfectly cast actors who all help elevated the film which did its part making people take this story seriously. Tommy Lee Jones is great as a military sergeant and the always good Hugo Weaving plays the Red Skull with the perfect amount of crazy. The always great Stanley Tucci plays another stand out role as the Dr. Erskine. The one that stands out the most for me is Hayley Atwell who plays the British agent Peggy Carter. She shines in every scene and mostly because of her we get to have one of the best romantic relationship in any comic movie.

The film does a great job of keeping it real and yet still giving tons of winks to the comic fans that even the more experienced fans might miss. The progression of his costume is spot on and make even the hardcore purist happy. Keeping things real hurt the film a little however. The fight scenes are good, but nothing stands out or is memorable. He uses his shield enough and its never silly, but nothing really creative that we have seen in the comics. Another aspect of the film that hurt it is the bookends of the story. Captain America opens with people finding his body frozen in ice then flashbacks to how he came to be. I don’t have problem with this kind of story telling, but I think it was handled very wrong. When the climax of the film is pretty much ruined because you know he is going to crash and get frozen even if you had no prior knowledge of the character. The most important scene where he wakes up in modern New York was shot intensely, but when he wakes up and the film has already shown the card that he gets found takes a lot of punch of it. If they would have left that prologue out and tweaked the ending some Captain America good of been more than a good film, but one of the best comic book films ever made.

Captain America is not only fun like Thor or Iron man, but also has tons of moral messages that in my mind make the best comic book films. They’re not as subtle as the Spider-Man films, but you can appreciate them. Even his shield has a meaning to what the USA really stands for. Captain America is special because he represents a time and moral clarity that America has forgotten. A type of hero that can’t be made anymore.



True Legend released in American theaters!

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I’m very glad IP-man was a succes in the states. Now because of it western theaters are slowly getting another wave of martial art films. I’m not sure why westerners go through phases were they will see films like this and then dissappear forgeting about them. Anyway, Yuen-woo-ping the master behind Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, the Matrix,and Kill Bill who hasn’t done much in while as released his new movie True Legend. Jump on the bandwagon and try to support these movies if your a fan now, because you never when Hollywood forgets about them again.

IP man 2 releases today!

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Ip man was one the best kung fu films in many years. It had huge success in china and mild succes in the west. From what heard from reviews from China Ip man 2 is even better. Ip man 2 I believed even won best picture in China. Not only is Ip man have fantastic kung fu, but has a the drama to back it up even if it its a little “selective” on the part America played in its development. The film has a very limited release, but hopefully there is a showing near you.

Rare upcoming attractions

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I bet some of you after seeing the Gantz review up were a little confused. You looked at every theater in your area and can’t find a single showing. Sadly the reason is that the Gantz premiere was a one night only event. I’m sure it will be on DVD soon if you missed it. I want to hook you guys up in the future so you won’t missing something that cool again. There is something cool called fathom events that show rare and hard to find movies and plays for one day only once a month. Also there is a theater company called angelika film centers that specializes in only showing rare, foreign, and independent movies like Gantz so hopefully there is one near you.

Speaking of cool movies. Next week in several cities angelika film centers will be playing for one night only Summer Wars, a great new anime classic that, like always, was terribly overlooked by the academy awards.

Be sure to keep checking in and I will try my best to give you heads up on other cool events.

Coming attractions!

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Capcom’s CGI moive Resident Evil: Degeneration was everything the live actions should have been. It was another example of how good things can be if it stays true to the source materiel.

Ninja Assassin was a successful attempt to combine the west and the east in a martial art movie. This movie looks like it favors more on the east side where it counts, the visual flair. This film is giving you something rarely seen, samurai and cowboys.

There is nothing else like the movie Tron. It has a visual appeal that looks groundbreaking even for today. Tron is finally getting a sequel. I for one don’t really think this movie needed to be made and since one of the things that made Tron special was the computer world and with this looking just like a typical action flick I’m a little worried. Hey, its freaking Tron so we should all give it a chance anyway right?

A remake to not just one of the best westerns ever , but its one of the best movies in any genre. This is looking like a great update. Jeff Bridges has big shoes filling in the role for the great John Wayne.

More Jack Blackness

Yeah I know me and maybe three other people in the US are looking forward to this, but the first Ultraman Zero movie was a hugely successful in Japan and pretty damn good to boot so I’m pumped that there is a sequel coming out. Don’t Judge Me! <_>

Jackie Chan can’t do some of the things he used to, but he still has that comic touch. His latest Hong Kong film (which are normally always good) has been out in the UK and should be coming over to the U.S. soon

Lots of crazy things happen in this trailer. Not sure whats going on, but it looks stylish and its done by the director who did Dawn of the Dead, 300, and watchmen so expectations are high.

A modern update to the Shakespeare play Tempest is looking good too. Even if that idiot Russell Brand is in it.

I don’t really like horror or scary movies, but I love psychological thrillers. Black Swan looks like it might get too weird, but it has promise. This film already has huge buzz around it and if the film the wrestler couldn’t get director Darren Aronofsky more recognition hopefully this film will.

I just read that Jackie Chan is going to make a third armor of the Gods movie, known as operations condor to the west. The Operation Condor movies are Jackie Chan’s take on the James Bond films. Its Chan at his best. So after leaving you with a lot to chew on I leave you with this.

Oh! Scott Pilgrim vs the world is out on DVD and Blu ray now so you have no excuse! Rent or pick up a copy!

Prepare for Trouble

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Pokémon Apokélypse! I have to give huge kudos to the people who made this trailer. Sadly, its just fan made, but hey it shows more promise and honors the source material more than resident evil, dragon ball evolution, and street fighter actual movies combined. I don’t know if they are trying to be serious or satire Pokemon or just how hollywood would make a Pokemon movie, but its awesome anyway. The way they managed to fit the famous lines from the show into it is hilarous. It’s a must see.

New Yamato Trailer

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My expectations are very high for the new live action Space Battleship Yamato. There has been attempts to translate anime to the big screen before, but this one is done by the people who brought you the orignal. Besides the cheesy Stephen Tyler song in the background this new trailer hints that it might just deliver.