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Kick Ass Review

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Lets face it, there has been a lot of movies based of comics the past few years. You knew with hits like Wanted, 300, and Iron Man that soon every movie studio under the sun was going to try to take a stab at it. Soon the movie industry was littered with average to just plain awful comic book adaptations. From just looking at the previews people unfamiliar might think Kick Ass is just another average comic book film, however nothing could be farther from the truth. Kick Ass stands on its own and brings something original to the table.

Dave Lizewski is just an average high school student with problems that every nerd, geek, outcast, or loner can relate to. He doesn’t have many friends, most kids make fun of him, and the only thing he is really good at is being invisible to the opposite sex. One day walking home Dave and two friends get robbed while someone just stands there and watches it happen. This event sparks a desire in him that maybe he can be a somebody and make a difference in the world. Dave’s soultion? Yep, become a superhero!

What sets Kick Ass apart from all the other movies is that its actually based in the real world. He doesn’t have super powers or super rich with tons of gadgets. All he is an average Joe who just wants to help people and stand up for them. His first attempt at crime fighting goes horribly wrong with him stopping no one, gets his “ass kicked”, and takes months to recover. Whats also cool is that the movie touches upon what a superhero in this day and age has to deal with being put on you tube or facebook. To help fight crime he creates a facebook page where people can vent there problems or make requests for Kick Ass to right the wrongs. His success won’t last sadly, and it doesn’t take long for the real world to finally catch up to him. The movie shifts enter a new gear and shows you just how messed up you have to be to really commit to fighting crime. Enter the real superheroes Hit Girl and Big Daddy.

Nicolas Cage  as big daddy and Chloe Moretz as Hit Girl steal the show. Especially Chloe Moretz, who after this role might just be considered the best child actor. This is where I feel sorry for Aaron Johnson who plays Dave. Aaron does a great job and prob is the best actor for that role, but Hit Girl and big Daddy are such cool and dynamic characters I think every viewer will wish they got more screen time. All of the terrific fight scenes are through them. I know that no matter you ultimately might feel about the movie you will at least walk away from it loving these two characters. Seriously, they are iconic characters that will be remembered for years to come.

Kick Ass is one of those films that what make it ground breaking and unique to some also make it a little confusing and silly for others. Most comic movies change some things to make more appealing for the masses, not Kick Ass. It doesn’t hold many punches back and its a comic book film for comic fans. Unless you know the pain of being a comic geek some of the humor will fly over you and come off awkward. Even if your not really a comic fan, I still feel the movie is enough of a rush to entertain you anyway. My one complaint is that even though all of that is said,¬† the movie still didn’t go far enough. For example, Dave ends up getting the girl and they don’t go into as much detail about his father not accepting him. Still, Kick Ass is one great ride that will be in the hearts for some and a fun time for others.