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X-MEN Origins: Wolverine

Posted in 2 Stars, Action on May 8, 2009 by russellsreviews

Seeing how I actually liked X-Men 3 the last stand, although it took a step backwards, I was really looking for X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Wolverine is probably a close second for the most popular character marvel has right behind spider-man. In fact, Wolverine is right up there with just as many original villains and a huge background he could have his own trilogy. Most people liked the X-men movies and everyone wanted more of the world’s favorite Canadian. Add in a rich history and a rapid fan base, its huge accomplishment, in a bad way, that Fox and Gavin Hood somehow made such a tame and average movie.

Wolverine is so popular because of his dark past and the weapon x back story, so it makes no sense that they just scratched the surface. Logan is actually hundreds of years old and besides the opening scene this whole time goes by in a montage during the opening credits. He spent most of his past in Japan becoming a samurai and learning to fight which was left out of the film. Several of his most famous comics took place during this time and even where, not knowing, had a son.  Leaving out such a big part of his mythos leaves the film feel like it’s missing something. In the comics Creed or sabertooth is not his brother but has actually been pointing that he is Logan’s father. Weird change. The most disappointed change is the character deadpool.

What? This isn't Deapool! WTH...

Anyone who saw blade trinity saw that Ryan Reynolds would be perfect to play deadpool. In the first 5 minutes he was. Problem is thats all the time he had to be deadpool. Much lesser characters as bradly, zero, and the blob got more screen time. I know the blob is a major villain for the X-Men but he has nothing to do with Wolverine. Was it really necessary to put a boxing match between Logan and the blob? With so many fans and geeks pumped to see Deadpool and he only get 5 mins? The worst crime comes at the end. Deadpool was a wise cracking, kick butt, merc with a healing factor. In the film he was combined with all powers of the Weapon X team (??) and had his mouth sewed shut. The thing that set Wade Wilson apart from all of the other mutants gets taken away? What sense does that make? Why does he have one long metal claw? The film butchered such a cool character that any hope of a spin off won’t make any sense or will be just as a downer. A different actor even played deadpool at the end of the film.

All of this could be looked over if fans got to see Logan do what he does best, but he doesn’t. It seems the writers were more interested in trying to fit as many young mutants in the film to set up X-Men origins: First Class than to showcase fight scenes at the end of the film. Not only that but the graphics and fight scenes in X-Men 2 were more imaginative and up to date. Some of the final action scenes most of it you already saw in the trailer even. This film very easily could have a been a 2 and half hour epic to bring X-Men to the next level, instead it was a dumbed and washed down 100 minutes. Don’t get me wrong Wolverine is a enjoyable movie, but to totally ignore the source material which is all they had to do to make a great movie everyone wanted is beyond me. If you go in not expecting much you should be happy, but you can’t help but feel like they really dropped the ball. Its a shame too, because its not Hugh Jackman’s fault, who put in another fantastic performance. There never will another actor who can play this part as well as Hugh. He IS Wolverine.

2 stars