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True Legend released in American theaters!

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I’m very glad IP-man was a succes in the states. Now because of it western theaters are slowly getting another wave of martial art films. I’m not sure why westerners go through phases were they will see films like this and then dissappear forgeting about them. Anyway, Yuen-woo-ping the master behind Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, the Matrix,and Kill Bill who hasn’t done much in while as released his new movie True Legend. Jump on the bandwagon and try to support these movies if your a fan now, because you never when Hollywood forgets about them again.


New Yamato Trailer

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My expectations are very high for the new live action Space Battleship Yamato. There has been attempts to translate anime to the big screen before, but this one is done by the people who brought you the orignal. Besides the cheesy Stephen Tyler song in the background this new trailer hints that it might just deliver.